ZAC BROWN BAND Tour 2017 & Concerts


Zac Brown Band is first choice of the country music lovers and why they shouldn’t be? after their single platinum debut disc, “The Foundation” released in the year 2008 they are labeled as the most loved country music band. Based from Atlanta, Georgia, this band is led by Zachry Alexander Brown who is the songwriter, band leader and of course the Main singer of this band. Other members of this band are Clay Cool, John Hopkins, Coy Bowles, Jimmy De Martini, John Disken Hopkins, and Daniel de los Reyes.

Zac Brown was the 1tth of the 12 children his parents had. His musical skills had influence of both his father and mother but most of all he acknowledges the influence of his eldest brother Wen, who played guitar and Banjo. He introduced Brown to the world of bluegrass music. Zac Brown formed his band in the year 2002 in Dahlonega, Georgia. It was not a success then. He has a label ‘Homegrown’ to his name that’s till exits and supports the deserving artiste of the region.

The breakthrough album “The foundation” was released in 2008 that brought the band Zac Brown Band in the limelight. The song “Chicken Fried” from this album become the heartthrob of many and the brown didn’t look back since then. They have made their solid position in the field of competitive country music and have three Grammy winning music albums to their name, “Uncaged,” “You get what you give” and “the Foundation.” Today they have everything a music band wish to have from strong album sales to a devoted fan base and are garnered with many awards.

Ticket Prices

A country music lover always looks forward to a chance when they can hear Zac Brown Band live! And for this the band performs the years through at different venues. Watching and enjoying every moment of the Grammy Awards winning performances has something that makes things more attractive.

During 2017 there are more than 50 concerts left this year and they will be performing all over the States. They will be performing at different locations throughout the country and depending upon the location the prices of the tickets will vary. They mainly range from $20 to $500. The cost of the tickets depends upon the availability and the seat location.

One can get the ticket from the different online sites. They can also get the outline of the seating arrangement at the concert hall. It helps in choosing the right ticket so that one can enjoy their favorite band most. The sites suggest the seats that are the best for listening and enjoying the music by the band.

There are certain VIP tickets categories that will allow their fans to meet with the band and even go backstage. They will get an autographed T shirt and a CD along with the VIP tickets. There are three types of VIP tickets that includes Zac Brown Band Backstage Tour VIP,  ZAB Wine Lounge Hospitality VIP, and Zac Brown Band Gold VIP.  It is obvious that the number of such tickets is very few and is always on high demand. There are online sites that are offering the brand new album “welcome Home” along with every purchase of ticket from their sites. A great offer indeed.


Zac brown has released two albums in their own label “homegrown” during early 2000s, but didn’t get much success until the single “Chicken Fried’ hit the charts in 2008. Since then they are at the top of the charts with their music and favorite of the critics. Nowadays they schedule their tours throughout the nation and get along with their fans.

Born in the year 1978, Zac Brown was the 11th child among the 12 children of Bettye. He grew up with his mother and step father in Cummings. At an early age he had developed his interest for music and learned playing Guitar at the age of seven. When he moved to West Georgia for his higher studies he started playing in the local bars so that he could earn some extra cash.

He hit the roads with his band in 2002 and he has concerts from then only. He started his band with fiddler Jimmy De Martini and bassist John Hopkins. Zac had his own label “homegrown” and started releasing his music. In 2004 in order to buy the tour bus Zac sold his restaurant in Lake Oconee. Once they had their tour bus the band started touring the country and hitting various festivals and other venues. They released their album “Far from Einstyne” in the same year.

In 2005 the lineup of the band got bigger when harmony singer and violin player Jimmy De martini joined the band. They released their second indie album ‘Homegrown.’ The band grew further after joining of the bassist Driskell Hopkins. Chris Fryar joined the band as their drummer and University affiliate of Brown Coy Bowles joined them after leaving his own band. In 2007, they released “live from the Rock Bus Tour.” During this time Zac opened as restaurant and a music bar.

2008 seemed to be remarkable year for the band when they signed with a major label Atlantic records and released their major label debut “the Foundation.” “Chicken Fried” the first single of the album was a smashing hot and it reached the #1 country singles charts. There were four more singles from the album among which three reached the top. Most of their dates were now booked and they even performed in the prestigious Stagecoach Music Festival, the country music festival of California. The album also certified them with two times platinum in U.S.

The story of their success was added with feathers when Clay Cook, the multi-instrumentalist join their band. They got nominations for 4 CMA Awards 2009, Song of the Year, and Music Video of the Year for “Chicken Fried,” Artist of the Year, and Single of the Year. They were nominated for many Grammy awards that included the one they won, Best New Artist of 2010 Grammy Awards.

In 2010 September they released another album “you get what you give” and it was #1 in the Billboard 200. They were garnered with another Grammy for the single, “As she’s walking away.” In 2012 their team became larger when Daniel de los Reyes joined their band as the percussionist. They also released “Uncaged” which gave them their third Grammy as the best Country album.  Matt Mangano the bass guitarist joined their team during 2014. And in 2015 they released their 4th major album “Jekyll + Hyde” with the first single being “homegrown.”

Presently they are promoting their next album “Welcome Home”

Top 5 Concerts

When it comes to Zac Brown band one will remember the famous song “chicken fried”, Toes and other singles that has made them famous. They have won numerous awards and that includes three Grammy awards too! With their style of singing and superb stage performance they have had a number of successful concerts that has rocked the country music lovers. Zac brown had even sold his first restaurant so that he can manage to buy their first touring bus. It shows how important these concerts are for the band. They had maximum number of tours in the year 2013 when they performed live at 93 concerts.

Concert Photo

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Future Plans

Zac Brown band has come a long way since their inception. Their success story starts from 2008, but before that too they knew how to entertain the country music lovers. Whether its songs from “the Foundation” or from “Jekyll + Hyde” they got accolade by their fans from all over the world.

From their early days they always put stress on touring and it is expected that even in future too they will tour the world so that their lovers from all over the world can see them performing live. Presently, in 2017 they are busy with their Welcome Home Tour and have different concerts to be held throughout the country.

They work on their albums for years and it is expected that after releasing their latest album “Welcome home” in 2017 they will be releasing their next album in 2019. With every album they expect to win many prestigious awards and this trend is expected to continue even now.

Another trend that is found in this band is that they have been joined by new band members whenever required. Presently the team of members seems perfect but there are chances that in near future they will accept someone else as their band member again.

Whatever plan they have, their fans and followers are looking forward to get such great music for years to come and also see them performing live whenever they can.