Top 10 Interesting Facts of ZAC BROWN BAND

You may be aware of the facts that the real name of the bandleader of Zac Brown band is Zachry Alexander Brown. He wsa the 11th child among the 12 children from his parents and was brought up by his mother and step father in Cummings. These are facts that are well known to the fans of this country music band.

Now, if you thought that you know quite a bit about Zac Brown and his band members and there is nothing more that you need to know, you are up for a surprise. The following 10 interesting facts about the Zac Brown band will not only tickle your funny bones, but will also let you know these men in bit more details.

#1 The chicken was ‘fried’ long back

The popular song ‘Chicken Fried’ that was released along with the debut album of the band in 2008 was actually recorded in 2003. However, the song didn’t cause much stir until it was re-recorded and released in the year 2008 with the debut album ‘The Foundation’ and was released by major label Atlantic Records. We wonder what was wrong with the recipe of the ‘Chicken Fried’ then!

#2 A big start

The debut album of the band, ‘The Foundation’ has the record of selling more than 2 million copies. Not many debut albums have achieved a feat as glorious as this. The second album of the band, ‘You get what you give’ was also a hit, but it could make it anything more than little over 1 million copies.

#3 Clay Cook was a late comer

This might take you by surprise that the multi-instrumentalist Clay Cook was not a founding member of the Zac Brown band. Although both Cook and Brown graduated from high school at the same time, they never really knew each other well. It was in 2003, when Brown saw Cook playing guitar with the Marshall Tucker band, he realized how important it would be to get Cook added in the band. Did Cook agree readily? No! It took Brown three years to convince Cook to join the band.

#4 Pete, the founding member of the band

No, we did not make a mistake in writing the name. During his days at the University of West Georgia, Zac went on a Southeast tour with just two more souls, a drummer and Pete. Who is Pete? His pet dog!

#5 Triggered by tragedy

9/11 attacks played an important role in the formation of the Zac Brown band. Zac, who had been performing at local gigs and had recorded one CD in 1998, was shaken by the 9/11 attacks. That is when he turned to full-time music as he felt that life was too short to waste doing things that were of no interest to him.

#6 Zac played at restaurants

In his early days Zac had opened a restaurant that specialized in southern-style cooking. It was during this time that Zac performed at this restaurant named Zac’s Place over the weekends. We wonder what runs on in the minds of the guests who later identified that restaurant performer with the famous Zac Brown!

#7 Zac the boss

If you thought Southern Ground Artists label was the only entrepreneurial venture that Zac has, refresh your knowledge bank. Zac also looks after a leather artistry shop, a full-production metal shop, bar and amphitheater and a camp for children named Camp Southern Ground. When does he manage the time to practice with his bad members!

#8 The first tour bus came from the restaurant

When Zac felt the need to get on with touring full-time, he had no money to buy a tour bus. He sold off his restaurant Zac’s Place and invested the money to get the bus and tour all over the country. It was a pity that the poor guy had to sell of his first venture, but without that we would not have got the Zac Brown and his band ever.

#9 Real-life footage got used as video for song

We are not sure what triggered the thought, but Zac Brown did not have to invest much on the making of the video for “Sweet Annie”. The video that we see today is actually nothing but real life footages from the wedding of band member Coy Bowles. The boys certainly did enjoy at the wedding, is what we could see.

#10 The real cause behind the beanie

It may be thought of as a signature style for Zac Brown, but the real cause behind him wearing the beanie is something else. As per the frontman of the band, he can’t stand the cold air blowing into his ears and that is why he wears the beanies to cover them up. Zac Brown is a human after all!