Top 10 Songs of Zac Brown Band

Lead by Zac Brown, this band is an American country side band from Atlanta, Georgia. Zac Brown the band leader is a country singer and songwriter and is one of the liveliest stars in a generation of entertainers who have set a standard for changing the music scenario of the country.  In 2002, he gathered members of the band and put it together, with Jimmy De Martini in fiddle, vocals, John Driskell Hopkins in guitar, bass guitar, baritone guitar, ukulele, banjo, vocals, upright bass, Chris Fryar in drums, Coy Bowles in guitar, keyboards, Clay Cook in guitar, mandolin, keyboards, steel guitar, vocals, Daniel de los Reyes in percussion and Matt Mangano in bass guitar.

They have successfully released six studio albums, among which three are in collaboration with Atlantic records. Since 2008, the Zac Brown Band has released 18 singles. Of those, 12 have reached No. 1 on either Billboard’s Country Airplay or Hot Country Singles chart. Three of the band’s albums have made it to No. 1 on both the Billboard country albums chart and its all-genre Top 200 list. Zac and his band was awarded as the Best New Artist in 2010 Grammy awards.

The band performs together and understands the importance of being together. It reflects in the songs written and sung by them. Here is a list of their top 10 songs given below.

# No. 10: THE WIND

Just like Wind does not get stuck for any geographical obstacle, this song also tells about two separated sweethearts whose love is not bound by any geographical obstacle. This song was the third effort by the band and was the first single released from Uncaged in 2012 and this up tempo song has made its way to be on the top 10.

# No. 9: KNEE DEEP

ZBB and Jimmy Buffett set sail for a permanent vacation in a tropical destination, living a relaxing life at the beach. It’s all aboard for good times in this hit song from the group’s second album “You Get What You Give” (2011). The “life is good” theme of the song has pleased not only country music fans, but people who love different types of music. It is, so far, the band’s biggest record on the all-genre Hot 100 chart.


This song from “The Foundation” (2008) is one of the band’s most sentimental tunes, and its heart-on-the-sleeve devotion took it to No. 2 on the country charts. In this song, Brown can’t make it out that what it is there in the lady who is making him fall for her in love? Sometimes, male critics implied the lyrics are a little cheesy, but the girls liked it.


This R&B-flavored gem from the band’s second major album, “You Get What You Give” (2011) is bristling with energy. Brown pleads to be the one-and-only in this song.  This song was directed for a lady who has enough knowledge about girls and had her own pick of boys. The song sounds remarkably fresh with an arrangement that balances between party tune and slow jam.


This song seems to be the only single from the album “Uncaged” released in 2012 that has won the acclamation of the songwriters. The band considers this ballad as one of their top effort. Although it is found that this song was not that successful compared to the other numbers present on this list but then why should one argue with the emotions of the singer?


This song was the first single the band released from its album, “You Get What You Give” (2011). It has sold just fewer than two million copies. The country group collaborated with Alan Jackson for this affecting love song. This is one of those hits that people can relate to. It’s easy to relate to this this song as it tells about the old story of a person who got away! Alan Jackson offers some paternal advice: “Roll the dice and have faith.”


“Chicken Fried” appeared on 2006’s Home Grown before Zac Brown re-recorded it for “The Foundation” (2008), turning it into a hit. It reached No. 1 and began what appears to be a longer-than-average career at the top of the charts. This song was all about the little things that people enjoy but ignore in their life. It’s about the pair of blue jeans, appreciations for fried foods or any other little thing in life. It reminds people about those good old people who stood and fought for the Nation.


The second single from “You Get What You Give” (2011) embraces a familiar country theme of a trucker who misses his girlfriend.  For songwriter Wyatt Durrette, this song represented “impossible love where geography or timing gets in the way of it and it’s just not possible.” Critics have praised the song for its lyrics. Despite the haunting sadness, this ZBB tune is beautiful and elicits a sing-along.

 # No. 2: FREE

The fifth single from the band’s debut album “The Foundation” (2008), “Free” topped out at No. 1 on the country singles chart and was nominated for Best Country Song at the 2011 Grammy Awards and peaked at No. 1 on Billboard‘s Country Songs in 2010. In this song, Brown argues that happiness isn’t something that can be associated with fat wallet or a modern lifestyle. Rather he believes that he is at his best when he has country roads and skies in front of him and loves of his life beside him.

# No. 1: TOES

The “Foundation” released on 2008 was very successful and “toes” is one of the most enchanting song there. It was co-written by Wyatt Durette and the band’s bassist Shawn Mullins and John Driskell Hopkins. This song is all about the pleasure of life and how one can easily enjoy the life. This song comes with a lesson for life and that’s wherever you are and whatever you are doing enjoy your life today.