Video gaming and children’s psychosocial wellbeing

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Video games are in many way’s affecting children’s psychosocial well-being.  The effect depends in the level and frequency of the child’s engagement in video games.  The more the child is involvement in the game, the more its effects in their psychosocial well being. The lesser their involvement in the video game, the lesser the effect are. Visit us for more information about children’s psychosocial well being for gaming.

What are some of the positive effects it brings to a person’s well being?

  1. It helps young people develop a spirit of team work. According to surveys, young players are eager to engage other players online and they sometimes form a group.  Being strangers is not a hindrance for them to make friends with others in the video game world.
  2. It helps developed the spirit of sharing among them. Here, children are learning to share with peers from around the globe. They start by sharing strategies and other things in the game community.
  3. It helps them gain more friends. Many in the video game community gain more friends online.  Being with them for a time, keep them more comfortable and lead them to become friends.

How can parents stop or limit their child’s involvement in video games?

There are basic way’s to do, in order to get your child’s attention away from video games.

  1. Show your child more attention. Let them know that they are a part of your family and being one, he must be involve in many ways in family activities.
  2. Make them a part of every activity. This will keep them busy and will eventually forget video game.
  3. Create rules in the house regarding use of gadgets.  Just to let your children know that you it is a big concern to you.
  4. Tag them along, when you go out if possible. You see, this will slowly take your children away from playing video games always.

Is addiction to video game not good to your child’s health?

Below, are the real situations, often observed by parents in their child.

  1. Study’s say’s that video game playing has benefits in a certain level, but, because, the way children play video games now are extreme, it brings more bad effects than good to your children.
  2. Evident of bad effects are the many cases of cutting classes among students, just to be able to play their favorite video game online.  You can see them inside internet shops, even during school hours.
  3. Students are now spending their food allowance, to pay for computer playing time. And if not controlled, this will lead to a more serious problem.
  4. Children sometimes don’t go out of their room the whole day, just to play video games, which makes them developed attitude of laziness and impatience.

These are just some of the symptoms of an impending psychological illness in of your child.  If left unattended, your child may grow up immature and don’t know how to confront the reality in life.  Video games are just games and they are dealing with fake and unrealistic situations.  The challenges they are encountering in the games are not real, so the strategies they are making, are not realistic too.

Nothing beats a child’s learning in being involved in the real environment, real people and real world.

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